Living the Ruff Life

...or How I Became "Dog Stupid"

OK, so, I used to think people who were all goo-goo about their dogs were just plain goofy..actually thats the polite word I use.. what I really thought was that they were stupid!. I didn't get it.

Then I got Lucy.

As a devout "Cat Person" I never really got into dogs. It's not that I disliked them. It just never dawned on me to get one. Then, about a year ago I met a man at one of my shows named Dr. Joe Demichael. Joe quickly became one of my all time favorite people in this world, a vet who also raises these amazing white labs! After much pleading and whining, I convinced him I could be a "dog person" and he agreed to allow me to adopt one of his special pups. As he handed Lucy to my husband Al. he said, "Your life will never be the same.. she will be the greatest dog you will ever own"

That was a year ago and today Al and I finally understand. Lucy now controls our world. I find myself coming home from parties and trips early because I miss her. I spend money on fancy treats and cute collars and all sorts of doggie gee-gaw. (Never mind the fact that her favorite chew thingy is an old plastic toy wheel barrow I bought for my grandson, shown below with Lucy, who was not the least bit impressed..but loved Lucy!)

I finally get it. Never was a dog more loved. Now, I too, am dog stupid!

Wanna have some fun? Visit Dr. Joe's website and see his amazing dogs and other cool stuff he has for dogs. Two sites to visit: and

Link to "She Who Loves Her Dog"

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Renee said...

My friend used to make fun of me when I'd leave a party or dinner or something early to get home to Sasha until she got her dog. I guess you just have to have a dog to understand...