My Hero...

I won't pretend to be happy that my son is in Iraq. However I am so proud of him I could burst. As a Captain in the USAF he has been deployed for six month to Iraq to serve as a JAG officer. (That's military for being a lawyer) I am grateful that young men like him choose to serve our country and stand ready to defend our freedom....but I'm still not happy about it.

It's also tough on him having to leave his family but it's even tougher on JoAnn and their three kids.
JoAnn, is the real hero of my blog. She is holding down the home front with three little kids between the ages of 4 weeks to 4 years. Tell me that isn't the tougher job. She is amazing-- strong and tough as nails. She never complains and she is giving her children a solid foundation at home. My son chose well. I love you JoAnn.

William is writing a fascinating blog you can visit too by going to
I can hardly wait to read each of his entries. I was especially excited this morning to get a call from him online at SKYPE. I answered the call and Will's face popped up on my computer screen and we talked for a full hour. It was wonderful. Isn't technology fabulous?

Link to "She Who is My Daughter-in-Law"

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