A Mother's Child

Does a mother ever get to the point where she can look at the amazing man her son has become and still not see her little boy?

I choke up when ever I see this picture on my son's blog. My little boy in full body armor is not a comforting image as it reminds me of the war torn, forsaken land he is in...Mothers should not have to bear sending their children to war. I look at this image and I am reminded of the first BB gun Will got...his only request for his 9th birthday. (I, of course, thought he'd shoot his eye out.) I'd like to have that little boy back again, to sing Happy Birthday to, make him his favorite cake and hold in my arms again.

Be safe Will and know that I love you.

Link to He Who is My Son


Sarah said...

cute post, i'm not looking forward to the day garrett is grown up--AT ALL!

Unknown said...

Sister Toronto,
hope you dont mind that I am writing on your blog. I have been trying to find out information on Will for years, I always knew he would be an incredable man. I am proud to know him. You are an amazing mother. Dawna Caudle (Westover)caudleklan.blogspot.com please keep in touch, my mom is going to be thrilled I found this.

Barb said...

Suzy, I can feel the pride you have for your son. I don't think we EVER get over seeing them as babies. I know mine, no matter how old they are, will always be my little boys. I can see them running around in their diapers as clearly as if it was yesterday! After all, that's when our love began for them and it will never end. I wish I could get the "He who teaches" in a magnet. You know men, they won't hang up big, emotional pictures, but a magnet is something small enough for them to see and remember the love without others seeing it on display in the living room. Thanks for all your products, I love them.