A Mystic Connection

Where does a Wild Wacky Wonderful Woman spend her 50th birthday?

Well, until 4:00pm the day before, the answer would have been "home" My life had gotten so busy I'd almost forgot the BIG Five -O was approaching. But my best friend Launi didn't forget. When her number popped up on my caller I.D. I almost didn't answer since I was watching one of my favorite shows, Rachael Ray's $40-a-Day. She said she had a few days off to play and since it was my birthday, it was my choice. (We fly all over the place together ...she on her flight benefits as a retired airline employee and me, either on one of her "buddy passes" or I use some of the kajillion frequent flyer miles I've accumulated over the last couple of years)

Well, half listening to her and half watching Rachael Ray, who was doing her show from a little town called Mystic, I blurted out,

"Let's go to Mystic and do the Rachael Ray $40 Thing...?"

So with that statement, Launi and I decided to do the only wacky thing women reaching the half century mark could do... get out a map, figure out where in the blue blazes Mystic was and go there and eat! Twenty four hours later, we were standing in front of the Sea Swirl, talking to locals, getting their take on what to eat and ended up spending $40 there at the one stop and tried it all! We went on to spend the next three days eating everywhere Rachael said to eat...and then some, shopping at all the funky little boutiques and espeically enjoying a bead shop called "You've Got To Be Beading"and enjoying the Red Door Spa...(who knew Mystic has a Red Door Spa???) By the way, did you know if you walk into a Red Door Spa and when they ask you what services you want and you say "Everything" and you don't ask what it's going to cost, everyone there gets really happy and treats you like a goddess? I wasn't quite as happy the next month when the Visa bill arrived... but I was pretty happy while I was there! But after all, we did kinda-sorta did eat for only $40-a-day so think of the savings!

It truly was a mystical trip....a great 50th birthday!

By the way, I can remember being a kid and wondering what I'd look like when I was a really old woman, you know, like 50. I don't know what I imagined, but this, whether I like or or not, was me that week.


Renee said...

I love this picture of you!

JoAnn said...

That little shop sounds so CUTE!!! if I'm ever in that area I will make sure to stop in!