I'm on a Diet

OK, so I'm going on a diet. I'm giving up the chocolate truffles and took Marie Osmond's advice and bought a couple of months of Nutrisystem. The food arrived and so far, the food tastes yucky. But I am determined to stick to it and shed a few pounds. I'll keep you posted.

My real motivation, however, is Launi, my best friend. She just called and told me she's lost 10 lbs. Since we travel together so much we have to wear the same size, thus doubling our combined wardrobe options! In the meantime, I'll just hold my cat, Bob, in front of me and hope you notice his expanding waistline and not mine. He weighs 28lbs....I'm not saying what I weigh...yet!


Dave and Jen said...

We will have to keep my postd on the diet. i've been wanting to try it out too. I want David to get it for me after the baby is born. It looks easy and all the meals are done and ready for you to eat. So get me posted. We hope to see you soon. promise

joann said...

good luck!! it seems like it would work good for your busy schedule because you don't have to think about it, or prepare anything- but if the food is yucky that is no good- keep us posted!