Our Alaskan Adventure

Since Al turns 64 this year, we decided to celebrate and do a once in a lifetime adventure to Alaska. Starting in Vancouver, B.C. we took a cruise ship through the Inland Passage of Alaska.
In the town of Haines we took a Bush Hawk plane through the mountains and landed on a snowy glacier. (Yes, I'm wearing flip flops on the glacier!) In Juneau we zipped through a rain forest on a cable high in the air.
We fell in love with an Alaska Husky in Sitka and froze our fannies off in Denali Park while taking in the gorgeous scenery.
We spent Sunday in Ketchican where we went to church in a log chapel and ate enough salmon to last a lifetime. (It was wonderful!)

The whole trip was amazing, and everything we ever dreamed it would be. We loved every minute of it. Truly, an adventure of a lifetime. I can now say "Been there, done that...bought the t-shirt!" But now I am glad to be home in the warmth and sunshine. I know some folks love the cold... I am just not one of them. I'm glad God gave us variety so we could each choose. I prefer a balmy breeze and tropical ocean sunset. Give me the beach any day and I'm a happy clam...not a cold camper. Next trip...Maui.


joann said...

wow- what fun! I love the top picture! just beautiful!

Unknown said...

What a fun trip. I wouldn't like the cold either. We would also like to go to Alaska.
We are still enjoying it here. i guess we are in hurricane season now. If it gets to bad we will have to make it your way. David thinks it would be fun to experience one. I think only if its a small one. Could be fun.
We were thinking if it works out. we would like to you you guys sometime in the later part of June. Before the baby is born. We would like to go to the temple since its been 7 months since we went last. And when the baby comes who knows when we will make it. How far are you from the Temple? I thought we could come for the weekend of the June
25-28th. Fri. Temple, Sat. beach day.I will look like a beach whale but I'm getting use to it. We really want to see you guys. David has the end of June off, But our Hailee who is 9 has to take summer school and it starts on the 21st. Let us know. I know summer time can it crazy.