30 Pounds Less of Me

OK, so...I find it interesting that while half the world is dying of hunger I do everything in my power to stop eating in an effort to shed a few pounds. But my over indulgence on my cruise to Alaska combined with endless weeks on the road this past year led me to pack on quite a bit of weight. Even with my large bone structure and height (I'm 5'9 and very large boned) my fat-pants were beyond tight. I couldn't even button the top of them and they were (gulp) size 16. It was embarrassing.

So I bought this stuff called Isagenix...
Yes it was hard.
Yes it tasted yucky.
Yes it took a ton of willpower.
Yes I was still hungry.
No, I didn't exercise but I should have. I was just too busy with work stuff.
But here is the kicker... I have lost 31 pounds in the 11 weeks!!!!!

Bottom line is this: I don't care what it costs or how it tastes... I'm back into my skinny jeans ...size 10 and they're loose! And as Visa/Mastercard says, that is "Priceless"


Dave and Jen said...

Way to go!!. Losing weight is hard and not fun. I have some weight to lose also. I'm training for triathlon in October in Orlando. So hopefully this will help me lose the weight.

Tyler and Mikin Morton said...

SO proud of you. It is awesome and in some ways even a spiritual growth period when we follow the Savior and treat our bodies like temples and become able to live healthy lives filled with activities and enjoyment. Okay, so I kind of have a testimony of weight control. I think it is powerful and gives women and men individual worth. Loves and Congrats! It is not an easy thing to do!

Renee said...

Everyone who has seen you has said you look great! Post pictures!

Sarah said...

how come we don't get to see a picture of that skinny bod! i'm so happy for you! although i think you looked great before and as granny always says, this isn't a dress rehersal, live it up (with chocolate) but good for you

Mary said...

That's awesome that you lost so much weight! Did you have to cut way back on the amount of food you ate? Any bad "side effects" we should all know about. I have about 25 to lose and that sure sounds like the way to do it! I'm very happy for you!

Gina said...

Congrats on the weight loss!
Thanks for all the inspiration, your site and blog are amazing :)

Unknown said...

OMG - i use Isagenix daily (started a few years ago & lost the extra 15 pounds). It's a great product. Have you tried the facial creams? Especially love the Vit. c Serum w/CoQ10 :)