I Do NOT Want to Be A Model

...it would be easier to be a Brain Surgeon!

OK, so the part I hate most about all the P.R. stuff I have to do related to the business is having my photo taken or make video's...stuff like that. It may sound glamorous but trust me, it's not. (Do I look fat? Is my double chin sagging? Am I having a wardrobe malfunction?)

My favorite part is painting and writing fun stuff, visiting with you all at art shows and signings, eat chocolate, shop for cute shoes and ride my scooter. But all day yesterday and today I had to spend in front of a camera...both for still shots and and video.

Wow, talk about hard work.

It is NOT easy getting all glammed up, posing for hours, getting wired up with mic's and acting all perky in front of the camera nonstop. I used to think that sounded glamorous but gosh, was I wrong. It is just plain HARD work. And just when I thought I'd nailed it, and the day was over, somebody said "OK, again from the top"

So now, I'm going to go get out of these pretty white clothes (Yeah, like an artist can keep white clothes clean, right???), scrape off all this make-up, cram some chocolate in my mouth and go for a scooter ride....

See ya...


Unknown said...

That is exactly how I felt after that infomercial I was in that never aired! I had no desire to ever go into show business or be on tv again. So much work--and a lot of time. And all the make up, the not moving because you might mess up for splicing, etc...it was a lot of work! I will admit though--it was fun to do once! But--I know now better for next time!

But--you look fabulous!

Unknown said...

I love your stuff that you create