I Got A New Toy!

Sometime a girls just needs a new toy. For me its usually shoes... but today it's a new scooter! Actually its not new. I found it on Craigs List for a screaming deal. Its pretty small but its just right for me to ride back and forth to the office/warehouse (only two miles away on back roads) and to zip down the street to my yoga class.

I just love it and it's even better that I got it so cheap! Yippee!

(OK, so I know I'm gonna get a bunch of email because I'm not wearing my helmet. I do wear a helmet but I just wanted some cute photos with my hair flying in the breeze...you know, that "Thelma and Louise" feeling?)

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Patti said...

I was browsing your website this evening, choosing a gift for my friend's birthday, when I saw that you ride a scooter! That is so cool! I ride a scooter too. Mine is a SYM JetEuro 50. And it is Orange!
I love your work.