"Where do you get your ideas?"

I think I am asked that question more than any other. Depending on the sense of humor or lack thereof to the person I am speaking, they get one of the following answers. (However, there is no doubt, the last one is the true answer)

  1. The tooth fairy sends her friend the wacky fairy who whispers in my ear while I sleep
  2. I'm actually an alien. I just put on my tin foil hat, stand on one foot and hold my right arm in the air until the intergalatic creativity beam makes contact and ta-da, I get the idea!
  3. I eat chocolate... really dark, rich, expensive chocolate, and the resulting euphoria makes me creative
  4. I stand in front of my blank canvas, say a prayer & beg God for an idea. All that I do, all that I have and all that I am, I owe to Him.


Priebe Family said...

You look great and very happy. We are expecting baby #9 any day and then I will need to jump on you dieting band wagon. Take care and we love the pictures.

NancyM said...

You look fantastic! Good job on your weight loss!!!