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In the Toronto home, there used to be something so scary about October and I don't mean Halloween. It's wasn't the witches in black hats or the goblins and ghosts getting ready to yell trick or treat at our front door. It was those delicate pink ribbons everywhere that reminded us that that in 1987, Jane Toronto, the mother of my four amazing step-children and first wife of my husband Al, died of breast cancer. Following in the footsteps of their own mother who also died of breast cancer, it marked our 3 daughters with a high probability of carrying the same genetic marker that claimed them both. For years the girls lived in fear that they would be next, a time bomb silently ticking away in their chests. October, the month of their mothers birth, was just another reminder. On some level, they simply tried to block it out.

Denial is no way to live and fear is meant to be conquered.
denialWhat they have all finally realized is that with the advancement of technology and countless men and women leading the race for a cure, more women survive breast cancer than die from it. Genetic testing now available, while not the ultimate answer, can be used with a high degree of accuracy. Medical techniques have come a long way and surgeons are getting better and better at diagnoses, treatments, surgery and reconstruction. This we know first hand.

We are eternally grateful to the medical staff at the Breast Center in New Orleans and will do all we can to spread their message that this is not only a fight we can win, but can truly overcome both physically and emotionally with science, medicine, skilled surgeons, amazing medical staff and a lot of time on our knees praying.

Today all three of my daughters proudly wear a pink ribbon as do their two brothers and Dad. This is a battle we will fight to our last breath so that this hideous disease might stop with this generation. No more Toronto women are going to die if we have any ounce of strength left to fight it.

Won't you join me as part of the Pink Ribbon Sisterhood. We have all lost too many friends and families. Lets support each other in the ultimate fight for life and dream of the day when breast cancer is so obscure that we rename this month: Healthy Boobies Month.

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