Just Three Things

My husband, The Left Brained Wild Thing, says everything important in the world can be broken down to three things. I got to thinking about that and although I don't think this is what he meant... here is my interpretation.

Three things I love... (not people..things!):
  1. Chocolate, the dark expensive kind (hate cheap chocolate)
  2. The Beach. Any beach. I just love the ocean.
  3. Dancing the Hula. It is my life. I eat, love, sleep and breathe it. It's hard to explain unless you too hula. For me, at least at this stage of my life, hula is my life.
Three things I seriously do not like:
  1. Paintings hung too high
  2. Windshield Wipers that don't work.
  3. Bananas. Seriously the very thought makes me want to gag. I could be stranded on a deserted island with no food or water and only bananas to eat and I'd starve to death before eating it.   I could ever be on one of those reality game shows where they dare you to eat a caterpillar or some gross live bug, honey, pick me! I'd do it in a heart beat as long as it doesn't look, smell or taste like banana.
Three things I'd want if in fact I was stranded on that on a deserted island:
  1. My iPod filled with my hula music with inexhaustible batteries.
  2. Endless supply of bubbly sparkling water and that ice that is in little round snowy balls
  3. A library of good books. Not digital ones. I want real one. I love a real "Page Turner" and the older the books are, the more I love them. They just smell good to me.
Three things I miss most of all:
  1. My mama's look when she was proud of me. Does anyone ever get over the loss of their Mama? Although I totally get it that life moves on, I miss having my own personal cheer leader always there to encourage me on like only a mother can. No one in this world ever "got me" quite like she did. The cool think is that I look just like her and the older I get the more I look like her.
  2. The sound of my dog, Lucy, snoring. (Lucy crossed the rainbow bridge in 2018 and I miss hearing her snore every single night. for me, she was my white noise that made me feel that all was right in the world when the lights were off.)
  3. The smell of a newborn baby. Seriously, why has no one figured out how to make a scent like that??? Whether it's just the smell or the pheromones  or the combo of the two, it's  something as a 60-something year old woman that I still miss.

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