get organized

Yes, it's true. I have a dirty little secret... a serious personality flaw that those closest to me are forever chiding me about. And since I have always felt that the best way to keep people from throwing all my own dirt back in my face, I decided to toss it all out there, here and now for all the world to see. So here goes...

I am the most unorganized, totally forgetful, lose everything, walking tornado you will ever know. And I am not exaggerating. My studio is always in a whirlwind, my purse, if I can find it, is either busting at the seams with all the crap I'm hauling around since 1978, or completely empty with me having no clue where all that stuff that was just in it has suddenly disappeared to.  And... heaven forbid, if you give me a piece of paper with information on it that is critical for the salvation of all living things on the face on the earth I will promptly lose it... along with my iPhone and wallet just for good measure.

My husband said he really believes it's not a personality flaw but rather a "lifestyle choice" and that if I really wanted to, I could change.   We'll, I am tired of it. So in my effort to be teachable, I am going to change this year. (I had the  word try inserted before the word change but decided that I needed to be very affirmative and took it out!  I'm not going to just try...I'm going to do it!)

So my new years resolution is to get organized. And not only am I going to clean out and dig out the cobwebs of my life, but I am going to make a conscience effort to put things back where they belong immediately after I use them. I am going to start writing down appointments and deadlines so they don't fly by me, giving me both whiplash and a salon blow dry in the process.

Now don't get me wrong... I'm not going to do this so I can cram even more stuff into my day. I'm going to do this to stop me from running around like a chicken with its head cut off, confusing my own chaotic busyness with the idea that it's producing a forward motion. Because it rarely does! Usually it starts a circular motion that forms the above mentioned tornado!)  So everyone who knows me, be warned...a new Suzy is emerging.    

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